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What is blogging? Where did it come from? How does "blog" even become a word? Does this mean that I can coin my own words too?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas shopping hell

There is a conspiracy afoot. One in which the Christmas holiday keeps moving up closer and closer to the beginning of the new year. I swear 2007 just started and here we are, creeping up on 2008 ALREADY!

Today, I embarked on a torturous journey. One requiring lots of patience and a "can do" attitude! Can you guess what it is? I know....the title was sort of a "foreshadowing" of sorts....

I spent 4+ hours shopping and succeeded in securing only ONE gift. ONE!!!! That's it!!! How does that happen??!?! It's called, I actually CARE! Believe it or not, I actually hand pick gifts for loved ones and friends instead of gift cards. I really wish I could be one of these people who gave away gift cards as "gifts", but I just can't get myself to do it. I scoured about 12+ stores....some located miles away!

I never realized there were so many perfume labels! there a difference between a JLo perfume and a Britney Spears? They're both washed up, uneducated trash who probably had no real input as to what went into their "signature" perfumes. I certainly don't care to "smell like JLo"....

Do you know what could possibly be the best store out there? The Container Store. A store completely dedicated to feeding the American frenzy of overconsumption by allowing us a way to organize all the items that we buy, but don't really need. I love it! Only in the States will you spend $100+ to create an "organizing system" to store the myriad of holiday themed kitchen items and fondue sets that get used once a year if they're lucky!

Don't get me wrong....I get sucked right into it as well! Somehow, I seem to be oddly attracted to snowman and Santa mugs, figurines, knickknacks, potholders, towels, etc, etc.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

Maroon 5

Is it safe to say that any two men that are at a Maroon 5 concert by THEMSELVES should be considered G-A-Y????
Honestly, as much as I enjoy Maroon 5's music, I can't see a straight man singing "this love has taken its toll on me...." while all the women around him are swooning. I have not seen so many women at one concert before.....besides Jack Johnson and even then, there was a better ratio of men to women....
Apres-concert bar ended up being Elevate, since it is in downtown and just several blocks away from the Staples Center. That is where we met the ASSES - fat ass, ass squared, and dumb ass.
Fat was exactly that - a fat ass who was married, but thought he could get away with being single for the night. Ass squared liked to brag about his ass modeling days. Dumb ass literally ran into the glass and started bleeding at the bridge of his nose.
Ah yes....nothing like attracting the group of ASSES.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Post Marathon

Well, I completed my first marathon in San Diego a couple weeks ago. WOW! What a feat for my feet! [eyes roll] Make fun of me....that's okay....I know how bad that was....

Now that my marathon is over, my body seems to be falling apart. My knees are jacked and so is my hip. I'm starting to feel like an old person complaining about all their physical ailments! I think my brain is falling apart too because I have signed on board to be a mentor for the next Team in Training season! I will be doing a half marathon this San Francisco!

I feel a bit rusty since I haven't blogged in awhile, but it's good to start blogging again. There is something therapeutic about writing about completely irrelevant things. I wonder how much time we all waste reading absolute garbage for "entertainment".

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas is over?!?!?

I know, I know....if you're anything like me, you don't want Christmas to end! It's such a wonderful holiday with all the best "warm and fuzzies" of life! :) Well, we're in luck this year! Christmas and Hanukkah may be over already, but we have one more holiday to look forward to! Besides, isn't that the best part? Looking forward to something?

Tomorrow, we get to celebrate Kwanzaa! Yippee!! I don't know about you, but I am super excited about celebrating Kwanzaa! The best thing about Kwanzaa is that it lasts a whole week! Imagine that!

I love the fact that we have yet another holiday to celebrate because there just aren't enough holidays in a year! Hell! We should have another holiday to celebrate ME. Yup! I think I deserve to have a holiday revolve around me and other people like me. It should be a time of reflection and restoring our roots to ME. Starting Aug 2007, the entire month of August should be a holiday. We can call it Bruingirl Month.

Friday, November 10, 2006

El Gringo

El Gringo, a Mexican restaurant in the Southbay, has been shut down for an unknown period of time. The name, El Gringo, is being protested by local denizens of the Southbay. El Gringo, which is a Spanish word to describe a Caucasian in a disparaging way, is considered offensive by some. Matt Johnson*, who recently moved to the Southbay, states "I was shocked by this obvious jab at Caucasians!" Some are even more offended by the "dorky looking white boy" whose face is painted as a mural outside the restaurant.

The owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has declined to comment. El Gringo has been a major staple in the Southbay for many years, but has recently come under attack for some of their menu items. Some of their menu items included things like "El Gringo Chimichanga" and "Blonde Bimbo Burrito".

ACLU representative, Andrea Parker, has been a key advocate for the Caucasians who are pursuing a class action lawsuit against both the restaurant chain and the city. The first trial is set for the second week of September and will most likely result in a permanent shutting down of the once loved restaurant.

*Names have been changed to protect the non-existent

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bruingirl in Chile

Bruingirl was traveling throughout Chile in August with some friends and had the time of her life! The trio of girls, aptly named the L.A. Girls, were apparently up to no good. They drank too much wine. They appreciated Pablo Neruda and the depth of his poetry. They got wake up calls at 630am by the in-house Nazi. They ate lunches at random hole in the walls that would barely pass a "C" rating in LA. They flirted. They snowboarded and skiied. They danced on top of tables. They made penis models out of snow. They drank 40yr old port and smoked cigars. All in all, it was a great trip for all involved.

The lesson learned from all of this?? Bruingirl doesn't like to stay in the U.S. when traveling. Bruingirl is trying to fill up her passport before it expires in 2008. Just 7 more pages to fill and 2 yrs left! Can she do it???? Can she make it happen????

Monday, July 31, 2006

Veinte-cuatro horas mas!!

Yo necesito un vacacion! Dos semanas en Chile es un vacacion perfecto parami! Yo estoy practicando mi espanol en preparacion el viaje. Yo pienso que escribo mas bueno que hablo!

Disfruta tu verano en los Estados Unidos!!!! Yo disfrutare mi verano en Chile!!! Escribire despues revuelvo a California! Ciao!